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Anxiety and the Freeze Response:

Toronto Psychologist dr. Kylie Higgins C. Psych. Most people know about the -Fight or Flight- response: (The fight or flight response occurs in a situation of intense fear or stress [ … ]

Does Psychotherapy Change the Brain?

Research in the area of neuroscience shows increasingly that the mind and body are intricately intertwined. Many brain imaging studies show that psychotherapy can actually lead to structural and functional [ … ]

Psychotherapy is for others

Some people believe that psychotherapy is for those with significant disturbances in their lives, or even worse for those who are ‘crazy’! Those individuals need to be fixed and told [ … ]

Overcoming Traumatic Experiences

f you are like many people then there must have been some form of trauma at some point in your life. Now don`t get me wrong, trauma as I use [ … ]

Wired for Success

If you are like most people, you know what it is like to set a goal, promise yourself that this time you are really determined to reach this goal, and [ … ]