Toronto chronic pain treatment: the toronto poly clinic

Chronic pain therapy (also called pain relief or pain medicine) is designed to recognize, evaluate and treat chronic pain in the most appropriate way. There are several classes of drugs that can be used for the treatment of pain.

Chronic Pain Management

The type of drug to be used may vary depending on the origin, the nature and the intensity of the painful stimulus that is intended to be treated. Therefore, before explaining the categories of drugs most used in this field, it is useful to understand what chronic pain is and what are the causes that can trigger it.

A classic non-pharmacological pain therapy can be combined with classic pain therapy with medicinal products. Naturally, the type of approach that one decides to undertake varies according to the type of chronic pain that must be treated.

Among these different approaches we practice the following:

  • radiotherapy
  • cryotherapy
  • thermotherapy
  • massages and physiotherapy.

Finally, it is now known that the psychological component also plays a certain role in the perception and in the eventual worsening of chronic pain. For this reason, in some cases, approaches based on behavioral or cognitive psychological techniques may be useful, as well as the use of relaxation and imagination techniques and distraction techniques.