Toronto Psychologist Dr. Mishy Elmpak, C. Psych.

I feel stuck in this life of Chronic Pain.”

“I feel terrified that this pain may never go away!”

“I am so discouraged and hopeless to ever have a  normal life again.”

“I have seen so many doctors and I am still hurting.”


There is Life beyond Chronic Pain


A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Pain Management in Toronto: 

The  Toronto Poly Clinic for Chronic Pain Management knows that pain can turn your lives upside down. It interferes in your daily activities, shakes up your families, and can often lead to a loss of work and self-image. Once once suffers Chronic Pain, there is just not the same life anymore.

We feel as if we have lost the person we once were. It seems as if nobody understands how deep the pain is. It is easy to feel lonely, depressed and overwhelmed. What is the point? – you may have asked yourself many times. If this is supposed to be my life, I don’t want it.

Chronic pain patients often go from treatment to treatment, only to continue with their pain experience. It can feel as if nothing is helping. Pain is often accompanied with intense emotional suffering. Chronic pain can lead to persistent feelings of fatigue and lack of energy, anhedonia or lowered interest in activities, lack of appetite or increased appetite, sleep disturbances, and feelings of depression or anxiety. Delta stage sleep deprivation leads to decreased levels of dopamine and serotonin and the leukocyte count can drop. You can become involved in a negative cycle where pain leads to sleep deprivation which can lead to depression which in turn increases your pain.

The Toronto Poly Clinic for Chronic Pain Management specializes in the treatment of Chronic Pain and believes that a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment constitutes the most effective therapy approach. The clinic works together as a team in treating the Chronic Pain patient.

  • Board certified medical doctors specializing in pain practice will assess and diagnose your physical condition. The treatment approach will vary depending on your condition and pain syndrome. A review and adjustment of your current medication can take place, physical therapy with active and passive modalities, injection therapy and/or other treatment modalities can be carried out.
  • Physical therapy can consist of chiropractic and massage interventions, acupuncture treatment both conventional and laser guided, implementations of low level laser, pulsed magnetic field therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat and cold treatments.  
  • Psychological evaluation include understanding and diagnosis of your psychological condition pertinent to your chronic pain. Psychological evaluations can be carried out following a motor vehicle accident, for short-term or long-term disability determination, in situations of personal injury or chronic health conditions. Psychological evaluations and therapy, in individual or group settings, address changes in your mood, thought, sleep, energy, relationships and daily activities.
  • Injection therapy for pain management includes nerve block therapy, ganglion blocks, trigger point injections, botox injections, epidural steroid injections, ligament strengthening and prolotherapy. Injection therapy reduces and interrupts constant pain signals which are spontaneously sent to the brain in chronic pain conditions in absence of further acute injury.
  • In addition to medical, psychological and rehabilitation interventions, you will be educated in nutrition and pain, homeopathy and naturopathic interventions to help with life style alterations and adjustments. 

If you do suffer from chronic pain, and feel that you want to gain more control over this pain and start actively managing your pain, then you are a good candidate for the Toronto Poly Clinic (  If you feel that you are not ready to give up, go to the phone now, and make the call. Book your appointment either in the Thornhill or the Toronto therapy location.

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