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The treatment of anxiety in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies involves the elimination or reduction of the symptom, and subsequently the achievement of an adequate adaptation of the individual to the environment using behavioral techniques and techniques of cognitive restructuring. The treatment for anxiety treatment involves a research and evaluation of the usual expectations and cognitive patterns and a consequent search for alternative and more functional schemes. Specifically, in the latter field a lot of space has been given to both metacognitive therapy and to therapy focused on the intolerance of uncertainty or standard cognitive therapy.

Our services include:

Metacognitive therapy for anxiety treatment

The first focuses on the factors contributing to the development of the disorder, including negative beliefs about the danger and uncontrollability of rumination, positive metacognitive beliefs about rumination as an effective coping modality, and some behavioral aspects such as attempts to avoid rumination and control of one’s own thoughts.

Cognitive psychotherapy of anxiety

The second, instead, intervenes on the decrease of anxiety and rumination helping patients to improve the ability to tolerate, face and accept the inevitable uncertainty of everyday life (Dugas & Robichaud, 2007). The strategies and techniques used include, for example, awareness training for one’s anxiety states, in vivo and imaginative exposures, the cognitive restructuring of irrational beliefs, and problem-solving exercises.