What is a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment evaluates your thinking, feeling and behavior. The assessment can include diagnostic interviews, psychometric testing, clinical observations and consultation with other parties involved in your situation.

The Apex Health Centre provides in-depth psychological assessments by Hindi, Punjabi, Dari and Farsi speaking therapists.

Do you need a psychological assessment?

You can benefit from psychological assessments in Ontario when you are applying for short-term or long-term disability benefits, experience work place conflicts, are involved in personal injury, for court purposes, such as in slip and fall or immigration, for government facilities or police services, or you need a psychological profile for other purposes.

Psychological assessments are being provided by Hindi, Punjabi, Dari and Farsi speaking psychotherapists who will address your situation and design a plan for you that will help you access resources in your community. A psychological assessment is helpful in identifying your strength and weaknesses and will lead to recommendations and solutions for the required interventions.

What are the types of psychological assessments?

Some individuals are assessed by a psychologist alone, or together with a psychometrist, or other health professionals. Assessments look at your personal functioning, your feelings and behaviors. They may look at memory and learning, your cognitions and your symptoms.

There are different categories of psychological assessments:

  1. Psychological/Diagnostic Evaluations
  2. Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessments
  3. Psycho-vocational Assessments
  4. Independent Medico-Legal Assessments
  5. Driver’s Anxiety Assessments
  6. Legal & Tort Psychological Assessments
  7. Psychoeducational, Academic, & Intelligence Assessments
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