Wired for Success

If you are like most people, you know what it is like to set a goal, promise yourself that this time you are really determined to reach this goal, and then just to realize again, that it seems somehow beyond reach. Again! Have you ever asked yourself – what it is that stops you from succeeding?

What is it about those people who are more likely than others to reach what they set their mind to? What information about success and succeeding do those people have which is missing in many lives?

Can success be learned? Or do you have to be lucky to live the life you would like for yourself? What is stopping you from reaching your goals? Something is holding you back, and if you could just figure out what this is, would you not love to put a stop to that what is holding you back?

How many times did it happen that you set your goals and then just find yourself not meeting them? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, discouraged or resigned when this happens again for the x-time? You want to reach that goal in your diet, you want to quit smoking, take the step to build your own business, get that relationship you like! But somehow, somehow, it does not come to it…..

What is that blocks your success? Have you ever looked at a brain to see how it works?

There are often strong emotions such as fear, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, or anger which interfere with those parts in the brain that are rational, planning and goal setting. That rational, goal setting part of the brain is overpowered by the emotional part of the brain which often seems so much stronger, more oriented to the moment and instant gratification. It appears that the resources, abilities, knowledge and skills of the rational brain are almost inferior to those of the biased, opinionated, distorted and whining emotional brain, and unless practiced and rehearsed and learned, the rational brain usually just loses the battle.

Accessing the resources and abilities of the rational brain means to re-structure your mind including your thoughts, feelings and skill sets so you are re-aligned with the emotional or subconscious brain and you can actually manifest the power and strength of the entire brain. It is possible to access the resources and capabilities that are inside you, but it just needs to be brought out into the open and put to action. There are many stories of people who changed their mental processes and achieved the desired success in their lives in a much faster and easier manner.